Broll: 'Safety Town' brings mini city to Chandler school
First-graders learn safety tips from Banner Health


Note – B-roll video and photos of this event are available at: (It will ask for your name and e-mail. No password is required.)

CHANDLER, AZ (March 5, 2018) – Young students had a chance to visit “Safety Town,’’ a miniature town full of highly interactive activities related to safety, on Tuesday at Shumway Elementary School.

Medical experts from Banner Health helped first-graders learn safety lessons about topics such as fire prevention, how to be careful around water, and the dangers of poisons. Experts also discussed tips for riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards; and pedestrian safety.

One of the stations was designed to teach children how to react in a fire, and they learned to put a blanket under the door to keep smoke from coming into the room. Another area enabled children to use a blacklight and glowing substance to highlight the germs which are normally unseen on their hands. There was also a nutritional area in which kids learned to make a nutritionally balanced plate of food.

Banner Health will continue to bring the Safety Town educational event to schools throughout the Valley for several months.