B-roll: Can you get flu shot if allergic to eggs?
Banner Health expert talks about how guidelines have changed for this flu season

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PHOENIX (Oct. 15, 2018) – Because the flu vaccine contains a small amount of egg in it, people who are allergic to eggs were recommended to avoid getting a flu shot.

But for this year’s flu season, there’s new advice for people who are allergic to eggs: go ahead and get the flu shot, says Joan Ivaska, senior director of Infection Prevention for Banner Health. In her role, Ivaska leads infection prevention efforts for healthcare facilities in six states.

“In most cases, anyone who has a severe reaction can and should get immunized,’’ Ivaska says. “The Centers for Disease Control recommends that all individuals aged six months of age and older get immunized against the flu.’’

B-roll: Ivaska speaks about egg allergies and flu shots

Ivaska says the CDC has given these guidelines for people who have allergies to eggs:

  • If eggs cause only hives (raised, red, itchy skin bumps) or mild stomach irritation, you can safely get the flu vaccine wherever you would normally get it.
  • If eggs cause swelling, trouble breathing, lightheadedness or recurrent vomiting, you should go to your primary-care provider who can vaccinate you and provide monitoring.