Tip sheet/B-roll: Preventing a deadly flu season
Preventing a deadly flu season Story ideas, resources for prevention and treatment for this flu season

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(Sept. 20, 2018) – Last year’s flu season was one of the deadliest on record and this year people are being urged to get their flu shorts early – that’s one of the topics on which Banner Health can provide clinical expertise for our current flu season.

In addition to getting a vaccine early, what are other hot topics for flu in 2018/2019?

We can provide medical and health experts for a wide range of flu-related subjects. Take a look at what is trending advice among Banner experts:

  • FluMist – This year, the CDC is saying FluMist, a nasal spray version of the vaccine, can be used as an alternative to a shot. For the past two flu seasons, the CDC has recommended against it. Who is the best candidate for FluMist and why did the CDC change its mind?

  • Handy holiday reminders: Pediatricians are recommending that parents vaccinate their children before Halloween. Also, if parents have college kids coming home for the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s a good time to check to see if they are up-to-date on their flu vaccination.

  • Hand sanitizer – why it is important to use it: Hand sanitizers can be a good Plan B if you aren’t able to wash your hands with soap and water. Those with an alcohol content lower than 60 percent, however, and those that are not alcohol-based don't work as well for all germs. Plus, can you use last year's hand sanitizer?

  • What works over the counter – Can a trip to the drugstore prevent a trip to the doctor for flu care? Our Banner Family Pharmacy experts weigh in with suggestions on how to treat your flu-like symptoms.

  • Eat your way to better immunity – Can your diet help you ward off colds and flus? Plus, how adequate hydration keep infections at bay.

  • Spanish – Our Banner Health experts are bilingual.

  • How to treat the flu at home: Starve a cold, feed a fever? What is the best advice for when you are feeling run down?

  • Seeking the right level of care – Is it time to go to urgent care? Your primary-care provider? What about using a telehealth service like Banner's  new Nurse on Call service?

  • Keep children and newborns safe from flu and other seasonal illnesses: What parents need to know about flu and other seasonal illnesses such as RSV/cold/whooping cough/etc. What do pregnant women need to know about flu shots? The importance of family friends and relatives getting both vaccines.

  • Egg allergies: Adults and children with egg allergies are OK to get the shot and do not need to go to an allergist to get the vaccine. Other tips on dealing with infections when there are allergies in the family


Also available: Flu-b-roll we have 30-40 seconds showing a person getting flu shot, provider preparing flu shot in clinical background.