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  • Allergies and sinus infections
    Devin Minior, MD, chief medical officer of Banner Urgent Care, discusses prevalence of pollen-based allergies, their treatment and how to deal with sinus infections.
  • Rattlesnakes
    Frank LoVecchio, DO, talks about how to avoid rattlesnakes, what to do if bitten and how your body reacts to their venom. We treat more rattlesnake bites than anyone else.
  • Alzheimer's diagnosis and disclosure guidelines
    Alireza Atri, MD, PhD, Banner Alzheimer’s Institute/Banner Sun Health Research Institute director speaks about new guidelines for Alzheimer's diagnosis
  • How dangerous is Valley Fever?
    John Galgiani, MD, director of Valley Fever Center,Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix answers questions concerning this curious and potentially fatal disease