Video for media: Banner expert on dangers to kids from flu
One of most severe flu seasons poses greater risks to kids as they return to school
Schools provide a perfect place for children to swap germs

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(Jan. 13, 2018) -- Nationally, the CDC is reporting that the flu season may have peaked but infection-prevention experts are worried that with children coming back into school after a holiday break, there may been more flu cases to come.

"Schools provide a perfect place for children to swap germs,'' said Marti Reich, infection prevention director at Cardon Children's Medical Center.

Video is available of Reich discussing prevention and treatment of the flu for children as well as how to keep your child safe from picking up germs at school.

This year's severe flu season has been dominated by the H3N2 strain, which is linked to more severe illnesses especially among adults over the age of 65 and children younger than 5.

Across the country, 20 children have died from the flu since the flu season began. The Arizona Department of Health Services reports one pediatric death in the state.

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