Ready-to-edit video: Two-legged therapy dog brings joy
Banner Baywood’s Nubby provides inspiration and comfort to patients


PHOENIX (April 10, 2018) -- Nubby the Chihuahua is the latest disabled dog to join the Banner Baywood Medical Center pet therapy team.

Born without his two front legs, Nubby, is currently the programs’ only disabled therapy dog and third in the hospital’s history. He uses a custom-made walker with wheels to get around and visit with patients.

Studies have shown that interacting with pets can help a patient heal better and more quickly. This interaction can help improve a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate, help release pain-reducing endorphins, and other benefits.

Nubby has been able to interact with and inspire many patients, especially those dealing with similar challenges that he faces.

Therapy dogs undergo extensive training for six to 12 months before becoming certified with the state of Arizona. Nubby was rescued last year from a shelter in northern California and now lives with Deidre Grafel. She thought his demeanor would make him a great therapy dog and worked to get him certified.

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