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  • 20-year-old Receives Life-Changing Facial Surgery
    All of his life, 20-year-old David Bufkin kept pushing forward, even as severe birth defects brought new setbacks. Bufkin’s cleft lip and jaw disalignment, with his upper jaw more than an inch shorter than the lower, brought him quite a few burdens.
  • New Jersey family delivers quadruplets in Arizona
    Jennifer and Nicholas Stepenosky traveled more than 2,000 miles from home to seek the care of renowned perinatologist, John Elliott, MD. The quadruplets were born at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix.
  • Adolescent bariatric surgery PKG
    Robin Blackstone, MD, performed bariatric surgery on her youngest patient to-date. The 13-year-old was living with severe obesity, and her family has a history of the condition.
  • Adolescent bariatric surgery media kit
    Interview excerpts from Robin Blackstone, MD, a bariatric surgeon at Banner Health, and video of the gastric sleeve weight loss surgery on a 13-year-old female patient.
  • Kids' flu and winter illnesses
    Joan Ivaska, senior director of Banner Health Infection Prevention, discusses how to protect kids from the flu and other wintertime respiratory illnesses.
  • COVID-19 care: Celebrating 1,000+ COVID-19 discharges
    Both Banner Estrella and Banner Thunderbird Medical Centers celebrated 1,000+ lives saved from COVID-19. Each hospital reached that milestone within a few days of each other.
  • Hospital hosts wedding for young cancer patient
    Samantha Preston, 22, had one wish she wanted to see granted: that she marry the love of her life and father of their son. Her care team helped make that wish come true.
  • Pediatric cancer patient celebrates birthday
    Ryker Baumiller, age 5, recently celebrated his birthday with medical staff at Banner Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorder Clinic in Mesa. He is in remission and will soon begin maintenance chemotherapy.
  • Heat safety for kids
    Tracey Fejt, RN, injury-prevention coordinator at Cardon Children's Medical Center, talks about keeping kids safe from burns, dehydration, falls and drowning.
  • Banner Children's toy closet
    Banner Children's hospitals use toy closets to help children who are undergoing painful or invasive procedures or who just need to have their day brightened.
  • Kids and dehydration
    Tracey Fejt, RN, injury prevention coordinator at Cardon Children's Medical Center at Banner Health in Mesa, AZ, discusses how much water your kids should drink and why boys are sweaty.
  • Getting your kids to school safely
    Tracey Fejt, RN, trauma injury prevention coordinator at Banner Children's, talks about how to make your child's journey to school safer during this busy back-to-school season
  • Teal Pumpkin Project
    What does a teal pumpkin mean for Halloween? Tracey Fejt, Banner Children's trauma injury prevention coordinator, talks about how a weird-colored fruit helps prevent food allergies.
  • Halloween safety
    Tracey Fejt, RN, Banner Children's trauma outreach coordinator, covers how to keep our little trick-or-treaters safe: costumes, candy, going door-to-door
  • Research shows COVID-19 link to heart damage
    Banner Health experts are encouraging cardiac screenings for student-athletes as new research has revealed potential heart damage as a potential after effect from COVID-19 infection.
  • Safety Town
    In a highly interactive and engaging program, Banner Health travels to elementary schools to show kids how they can be safe in all kinds of situations.
  • Safety Town (part 2)
    In a highly interactive and engaging program, Banner Health goes into elementary schools to show kids how they can be safe in all kinds of situations.