Ready-to-edit video: Get your kids to school safe
Banner Health expert offers safety tips for back-to-school transportation
We see more injuries when children don’t go to the end of the street corner to cross. Those mid-block dart outs are very dangerous


(July 30, 2018) – Back-to-school season is here and that means it’s back-to-safety time as parents and kids gear up for a busy start of the school year.

Whether your child rides the bus to school, walks, bikes, or you drop them off yourself, it is important to use extra precaution during this often hectic time, says Tracey Fejt, RN, injury prevention coordinator for Banner Children’s.

“It’s a very, very busy time as schedules change. Kids are excited about going back to school. Families’ routines are changing and it’s really important to remember to put safety first,’’ Fejt says.

“Many accidents involving children happen in or around their school, because kids are less likely to be supervised like they are at home with their parents,’’ she said.

In a ready-to-edit video, Fejt covers these important back-to-school safety points:

  • Riding the Bus

    • “A child is 70-percent safer riding a school bus to school than being driven”, says Fejt.

    • School buses are a safe option because they must meet federal motor-vehicle-safety standards; they drive the same route every day in the daylight; must be painted in highly visible“school-bus orange” and the seats are high and narrow, Fejt explains.

  • Walking or Biking

    • When your child plans on walking or riding their bike to school, make sure they are not alone. They need to be accompanied by another student or adult.

    • Children also need to make sure they are crossing the street correctly. “We see more injuries when children don’t go to the end of the street corner to cross. Those mid-block dart outs are very dangerous”, says Fejt. “Once your child is ready to cross the street, teach them to look left, right, left, and over their shoulder”.

  • Driving a Car

    • If you are taking your younger kids to school, make sure they are buckled up. “If your child is under 4’9”, they still need to be in a booster or car seat”, saysFejt.

    • For teens who can drive themselves to school, they should eliminate the distractions including using their cell phone and having friends in the car.

    • Injuries due to transportation were the leading cause of death for children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    • For children five to 19 years of age, the most injury deaths were due to being an occupant in a motor-vehicle accident.

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