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  • Avoiding germs while traveling
    Steven Sunderman, MD, internist, discusses how to avoid winter germs while traveling, especially on airplanes. He also looks at the use of neti pots to keep you healthy.
  • Getting your kids to school safely
    Tracey Fejt, RN, trauma injury prevention coordinator at Banner Children's, talks about how to make your child's journey to school safer
  • Dangers of laundry pod challenge
    Laura Tortora, MD, Medical Toxicology fellow, stresses the dangers of the laundry pod challenge and what parents should know to prevent dangerous side-effects.
  • Medication safety for parents
    Emergency Medicine physician Jasjot Johar, MD, gives tips on how parents can protect their children against medication misuse and signs that their child may be abusing medications
  • Safe toy choices
    Lynn Lawrence, MD, Emergency physician at Cardon Children's Medical Center, talks about how to choose safe toys for children and the dangers of unsafe toys. Great advice for those buying gifts.
  • Rattlesnakes
    Frank LoVecchio, DO, talks about how to avoid rattlesnakes, what to do if bitten and how your body reacts to their venom. We treat more rattlesnake bites than anyone else.
  • Bee-careful: How to avoid stings
    Most bees in Arizona are Africanized. What can you do to avoid them and what should you do if you get stung? Frank LoVecchio, DO, toxicology expert gives tips.
  • Scorpions
    Frank LoVecchio, DO, of Banner Poison and Drug Information Center, explains how to keep yourself safe from scorpions and what to do if you get bit by one.
  • Getting used to the heat
    Carlos Ventura, MD, talks about how it takes up to two weeks for your body to get used to summertime high temperatures. Hint: sweat is good. So are electrolytes and water.
  • Warm weather tips
    Moneesh Bhow, MD, discusses the dangers of high temperatures and ways to prevent dehydration. This includes staying out of direct sunlight, wearing lightweight clothing and staying hydrated.
  • Monsoons and your health
    Thomas Ardiles, MD, Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix talks about how hot weather, high levels of humidity, dust, moisture and other monsoon elements plays havoc with people's health
  • Heat safety for kids
    Tracey Fejt, RN, injury-prevention coordinator at Cardon Children's Medical Center, talks about keeping kids safe from burns, dehydration, falls and drowning during busy summer season.
  • Kids and dehydration
    Tracey Fejt, RN, injury prevention coordinator at Banner Children's, discusses how much water your kids should drink and why boys are sweaty
  • Drowning prevention
    Tracey Fejt, RN, injury prevention coordinator, discusses the layers of protection necessary to prevent drowning. This includes adult supervision, barriers and classes.
  • Firework safety
    Tracey Fejt, RN, injury prevention coordinator at Cardon Children's Medical Center, talks about fireworks safety and how to keep your kids safe during sparkler season
  • Winter safety
    Emergency medicine physician Jasjot Johar, MD, covers wide range of winter-safety issues for adults and children: falls, respiratory, frostbite, even sunburn and dehydration
  • Fireplace and heater safety
    How can you keep your family and home safe during winter season. Tracey Fejt, trauma prevention coordinator at Banner Children's, gives safety tips
  • Holiday safety
    Tracey Fejt, trauma outreach coordinator for Banner Children's, provides tips on how to keep your home safe from fire, falls and mishaps during the holidays.
  • Food safety
    Tracey Fejt, injury prevention coordinator at Banner Children's, discusses food-safety issues for family gatherings and what to do with leftovers.
  • Treating emergency patients who are airborne
    Monesh Bhow, MD, emergency director at B-UMCP, talks about how our longtime partnership with MedAire helps save lives. B-roll also available of MedLink in action
  • Los peligros de consumir una cápsula de lavandería
    Laura Tortora, MD, miembro de toxicología a Banner Health, dice los peligros de consumir una cápsula de lavandería y que los padres puede hacer evitar los efectos secundarios.
  • Teal Pumpkin Project
    What does a teal pumpkin mean for Halloween? Tracey Fejt, Banner Children's trauma injury prevention coordinator, talks about how a weird-colored fruit helps prevent food allergies.
  • Halloween safety
    Tracey Fejt, RN, Banner Children's trauma outreach coordinator, covers keeping trick-or-treaters safe: costumes, candy, going door-to-door