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  • Life jackets
    Tracey Fejt, RN, Trauma injury prevention coordinator at Banner Children's, discusses the importance of wearing life jackets at all times when you are on the water.
  • Monsoons and the Emergency department
    Zach Bair, DO, of Banner Desert Emergency department, talks about accidents, breathing problems, heat stroke that happen when monsoons hit the metro Phoenix area.
  • Hiking/ Hydration/ Heat
    Robert Porter, DO, Emergency department director, talks about the dangers of hiking without proper hydration, signs of heat distress and treatments to help.
  • Grilling safety
    Melissa Luxton, RN, Injury Prevention coordinator, gives pointers on how to be safe during grilling season, whether you are using a natural gas, propane or charcoal grill.
  • Bad air
    How does pollution, smoke, dust affect your breathing? Zach Bair, DO, of the Banner Desert Emergency department, talks about what the ED sees when patients come in on a "bad air'' day.
  • Getting used to the heat
    Carlos Ventura, MD, talks about how it takes up to two weeks for your body to get used to summertime high temperatures. Hint: sweat is good. So are electrolytes and water.
  • Dehydration
    Robert Porter, DO, Emergency department director, shares what happens to your body when you don't drink enough water to keep hydrated during hot summer months
  • Warm weather tips
    Moneesh Bhow, MD, discusses the dangers of high temperatures and ways to prevent dehydration such as staying out of direct sunlight, wearing lightweight clothing.
  • Heat safety for kids
    Tracey Fejt, RN, injury-prevention coordinator at Cardon Children's Medical Center, talks about keeping kids safe from burns, dehydration, falls and drowning.
  • Kids and dehydration
    Tracey Fejt, RN, injury prevention coordinator at Cardon Children's Medical Center at Banner Health in Mesa, AZ, discusses how much water your kids should drink and why boys are sweaty.
  • Swimmer's ear
    Devin Minior, physician executive at Banner Urgent Care, talks about what swimmer's ear is, how to treat it and how to prevent this common condition that affects adults and children.