Hand-off? Play it smart and avoid tailgating injuries
Remain cautious during tailgate and viewing parties to avoid severe hand injuries

PHOENIX (Sept. 12, 2018) – Football season is officially in full swing bringing back the fun of viewing parties and tailgate festivities. What may be a time of great eagerness cheering on favorited teams to make that third down completion pass, the excitement can unfortunately be a distraction leading many folks to urgent care or in worst scenarios, even to the emergency department. 

Dr. Tanay Amin, an orthopedic and hand surgeon at Banner Boswell and Del E. Webb Medical Center is sharing his insight on how to prevent hand injuries this football season:

• If you’re prepping that touchdown worthy salsa, guacamole, or tasty dip, use a stabilizer or even your opposite hand when using a mixing bowl. If the blades do end up getting jammed, do not use your hands to unjam it. This could potentially lead to the blades recoiling and nothing is messier than a severe hand injury thanks to a mixing bowl.

• It wouldn’t be a game day celebration without some French fries and chicken wings. If you’re handling food that involves deep frying, make sure the oil is set to a standard temperature to avoid any oil splatter that could potentially lead to a burn.

• If you’re the favored grill master, make sure you are using the proper protective glove wear. Slight burns can be treated with antibiotic ointment and should be covered with sterile adhesive. You do not want to apply a band aid or anything that has a sticky adhesive to avoid any further damage to the burn.

• Chopping up some carrots and celery may not seem like a dangerous task but if you do encounter a minor knife injury, washing the affected area with soap and water is the best way to prevent infection.

• At all costs do not pick up broken glass with your hands. Always use a broom and dust pan to avoid contact with any minor chips that could come to close contact with the skin. 

For further information: Alexis Kramer-Ainza, alexis.kramer-ainza@bannerhealth.com