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  • Adolescent Bariatric Surgery PKG
    Robin Blackstone, MD, performed bariatric surgery on her youngest patient to-date. The 13-year-old was living with severe obesity, and her family has a history of the condition.
  • Kidney Cancer Treatment PKG
    Benjamin Lee, MD, utilized chemotherapy and robotic surgery to save both of his patient's kidneys, remove tumors the size of a grapefruit and football and avoid dialysis.
  • Thanksgiving Safety
    Tracey Fejt, RN, trauma prevention coordinator, talks about common holiday accidents such as burns and gives advice about using deep fryers to cook your turkey.
  • Bad air
    How does pollution, smoke, dust affect your breathing? Zach Bair, DO, of the Banner Desert Emergency department, talks about what the ED sees when patients come in on a "bad air'' day.
  • Maintain, Don't Gain
    Nutrition experts from Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center show ways to lighten the calorie load of your holiday dishes and make them friendly to cancer patient diets.
  • Atrial fibrillation
    Michael Kim, MD, interventional cardiologist at North Colorado Medical Center, talks about this common and growing heart problem that can lead to deadly strokes
  • Higher elevations and your heart
    Michael Kim, MD, interventional cardiologist at North Colorado Medical Center, talks about the effects of high altitudes on heart patients and gives some tips on prevention
  • Arizona Nurses Support Colorado Colleagues
    Ten nurses from Banner Health’s Arizona hospitals are heading to Northern Colorado to assist their colleagues at the Banner-owned hospital in Greeley, North Colorado Medical Center.
  • Handmade Surgical Masks
    Members of Banner Health's Innovation Team convert sterilization wrap into surgical masks in an effort to conserve supplies. More:
  • COVID-19 Specimen Collection Site
    Banner Health team members collect samples from patients to test for COVID-19. More information available at
  • Flu Season 2019 Interview
    Devin Minior, MD, chief medical officer of Banner Urgent Care, talks about what this year's flu season will be like and the need to get a flu shot and protect yourself.
  • COVID-19 Press Conference
    Marjorie Bessel, MD, chief clinical officer of Banner Health, participates in March 16 press conference on COVID-19 and what Banner Health is doing to respond to it.
  • Fourth of July
    Zach Bair, DO, Emergency department physician at Banner Desert Medical Center, talks about what the ED sees during this holiday and the day after, which is also busy.
  • Brazilian Voices
    A Brazilian-inspired music troupe visited patients at several Banner Health facilities to provide healing through music, which has been part of its mission for more than a decade.
  • When are you contagious with flu?
    Devin Minior, MD, of Banner Urgent Care, explains when a person is most at risk for spreading flu and other info about being contagious with influenza.
  • FluMist
    Joan Ivaska, senior director for Infection Prevention at Banner Health, talks about the use of FluMist, which is a nasal vaccine that can be used as an alternative to a shot for some people.
  • Timing for flu shot
    Devin Minior, MD, chief medical officer for Banner Urgent Care, talks about how it is not too late to get a flu shot because the flu season typically runs through May.
  • Hand sanitizer
    Joan Ivaska, senior directior of Infection Prevention, discusses how to use hand sanitizers correctly to prevent getting colds or flu during this challenging flu season.
  • Visitor Restrictions
    Joan Ivaska, senior director of Banner Health Infection Prevention, explains why Banner Health has implemented visitor restrictions and what it means for patients.
  • Kids' flu and winter illnesses
    Joan Ivaska, senior director of Banner Health Infection Prevention, discusses how to protect kids from the flu and other wintertime respiratory illnesses.
  • Why doesn't the doctor give me antibiotics for my flu?
    Devin Minior, MD, chief medical officer of Banner Urgent Care, explains why your doctor isn't giving you antibiotics for your flu. Could Tamiflu be the answer?
  • Flu shots and egg allergies
    Joan Ivaska, senior director of Infection Prevention, discusses the link between flu shots and allergies to eggs. What happens when you are allergic to eggs?
  • Measles
    Banner Health medical experts talk about the dangers of measles, as well as safety and effectiveness of vaccines to combat this deadly disease that is making a comeback.
  • Adolescent Bariatric Surgery Media Kit
    Interview excerpts from Robin Blackstone, MD, a bariatric surgeon at Banner Health, and video of the gastric sleeve weight loss surgery on a 13-year-old female patient.
  • Avoiding germs while traveling
    Steven Sunderman, MD, internist, discusses how to avoid winter germs while traveling, especially on airplanes. He also looks at the use of neti pots to keep you healthy.
  • 2020 Census Joint News Conference
    Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey joins leaders from Banner Health and the 2020 Census to discuss the importance of counting every person. Officials say children ages zero to five are the most difficult to count.
  • Viral meningitis
    Marjorie Bessel, MD, chief medical officer, discusses viral meningitis, its signs, symptoms and ways to prevent the transmission of this infectious disease in your community.
  • Banner Health Center Groundbreaking
    B-Roll, 3D renderings and interviews from groundbreaking of new Banner Health Center on Aspera Blvd. in northwest Glendale. The facility will offer 128 exam rooms and 13 imaging rooms.
  • Screen time and your kids
    Marcela Cristea, MD, discusses how screen time can your child's development and learning. How much time is too much time when it comes to using screens?
  • Kidney Cancer Media Kit
    Included are: photos, imaging, b-roll and SOTs from Dr. Benjamin Lee and Patricia Cruz about treating kidney cancer using chemotherapy and robotic surgery. More:
  • Surprise Memory Café
    The city of Surprise is partnering with the Banner Alzheimer's Institute, Banner Sun Health Research Institute and other organizations to empower those living with dementia and their caregivers.
  • Stop the Bleed
    Melissa Luxton, RN, trauma injury prevention coordinator, demonstrates how to save someone's life with a tourniquet and other techniques, which can be crucial during traumatic events.
  • Advance directives
    Helen Kilzer, MD, a palliative-care specialist, talks about the different types of advance directives and what happens if they are not in place -- key advice for individuals and families
  • Medication safety for parents
    Emergency Medicine physician Jasjot Johar, MD, gives tips on how parents can protect their children against medication misuse and signs that their child may be abusing medications
  • Rattlesnakes
    Frank LoVecchio, DO, talks about how to avoid rattlesnakes, what to do if bitten and how your body reacts to their venom. We treat more rattlesnake bites than anyone else.
  • Bee-careful: How to avoid stings
    Most bees in Arizona are Africanized. What can you do to avoid them and what should you do if you get stung? Frank LoVecchio, DO, toxicology expert gives tips.
  • Scorpions
    Frank LoVecchio, DO, of Banner Poison and Drug Information Center, explains how to keep yourself safe from scorpions and what to do if you get bit by one.
  • Getting used to the heat
    Carlos Ventura, MD, talks about how it takes up to two weeks for your body to get used to summertime high temperatures. Hint: sweat is good. So are electrolytes and water.
  • Dehydration
    Robert Porter, DO, Emergency department director, shares what happens to your body when you don't drink enough water to keep hydrated during hot summer months
  • Marijuana safety
    Jasjot Johar, MD, emergency room physician at Banner Health, discusses how to keep marijuana safely and securely in your home and how to avoid accidents.
  • Warm weather tips
    Moneesh Bhow, MD, discusses the dangers of high temperatures and ways to prevent dehydration such as staying out of direct sunlight, wearing lightweight clothing.
  • Monsoons and your health
    Thomas Ardiles, MD, Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix talks about how hot weather, high levels of humidity, dust and moisture plays havoc with people's health
  • Hiking/ Hydration/ Heat
    Robert Porter, DO, Emergency department director, talks about the dangers of hiking without proper hydration, signs of heat distress and treatments to help.
  • Heat safety for kids
    Tracey Fejt, RN, injury-prevention coordinator at Cardon Children's Medical Center, talks about keeping kids safe from burns, dehydration, falls and drowning.
  • Banner Children's Toy Closet
    Banner Children's hospitals use toy closets to help children who are undergoing painful or invasive procedures or just to brighten their day.
  • Kids and dehydration
    Tracey Fejt, RN, injury prevention coordinator at Cardon Children's Medical Center at Banner Health in Mesa, AZ, discusses how much water your kids should drink and why boys are sweaty.
  • Drowning prevention
    Tracey Fejt, RN, injury prevention coordinator, discusses the layers of protection necessary to prevent drowning. This includes adult supervision, barriers and classes.
  • Firework safety
    Tracey Fejt, RN, injury prevention coordinator at Cardon Children's Medical Center, talks about fireworks safety and how to keep your kids safe during sparkler season
  • Swimmer's ear
    Devin Minior, physician executive at Banner Urgent Care, talks about what swimmer's ear is, how to treat it and how to prevent this common condition that affects adults and children.
  • Getting your kids to school safely
    Tracey Fejt, RN, trauma injury prevention coordinator at Banner Children's, talks about how to make your child's journey to school safer during this busy back-to-school season
  • Safe driving
    Joshua Gaither, MD, emergency room physician at Banner - University Medical Center Tucson talks about how safe driving can protect first responders.
  • Teal Pumpkin Project
    What does a teal pumpkin mean for Halloween? Tracey Fejt, Banner Children's trauma injury prevention coordinator, talks about how a weird-colored fruit helps prevent food allergies.
  • Halloween safety
    Tracey Fejt, RN, Banner Children's trauma outreach coordinator, covers how to keep our little trick-or-treaters safe: costumes, candy, going door-to-door
  • Food safety
    Tracey Fejt, injury prevention coordinator at Banner Children's, discusses food-safety issues for family gatherings. Learn tips–whether the event is outdoors or not–and what to do with leftovers.
  • Holiday safety
    Tracey Fejt, trauma outreach coordinator for Banner Children's, provides tips on how to keep your home safe from fire, falls and mishaps during the holidays.
  • Safe toy choices
    Lynn Lawrence, MD, Emergency physician at Cardon Children's Medical Center, talks about how to choose safe toys for children and the dangers of unsafe toys.
  • Winter safety
    Emergency medicine physician Jasjot Johar, MD, covers wide range of winter-safety issues for adults and children: falls, respiratory, frostbite, even sunburn and dehydration
  • Electric scooters
    Melissa Luxton, RN, injury-prevention coordinator, talks about the dangers of electric scooters, techniques for safe operation of the micromobility devices, and how to avoid accidents while riding them.
  • Fireplace and heater safety
    How can you keep your family and home safe during winter season. Tracey Fejt, trauma prevention coordinator at Banner Children's, gives safety tips before you turn on the heater or strike a fire.
  • Safety resolutions
    Melissa Luxton, RN, injury prevention coordinator, lists safety resolutions for 2019 that will help keep you, your family and home secure for the new year.
  • Treating emergency patients who are airborne
    Monesh Bhow, MD, emergency director at B-UMCP, talks about how our longtime partnership with MedAire helps save lives. B-roll also available of MedLink in action
  • Dangers of laundry pod challenge
    Laura Tortora, MD, Medical Toxicology fellow, stresses the dangers of the laundry pod challenge and what parents should know to prevent dangerous side-effects.
  • Weekend warriors
    Working to get back into shape? Training for a particular event? Devin Minior, MD, chief medical officer for Banner Urgent Care talks about a leading condition that affects weekend warriors.
  • Allergies and sinus infections
    Devin Minior, MD, chief medical officer of Banner Urgent Care, discusses prevalence of pollen-based allergies, their treatment and how to deal with sinus infections.
  • Spring allergies / Hay fever
    Devin Minior, MD, chief medical officer of Banner Urgent Care, gives advice about how to effectively treat springtime allergies and hay fever. That way, you can enjoy the outdoors without congestion.
  • Sinus infections
    Devin Minior, MD, medical director of Banner Urgent Care, discusses what causes sinus infections. He also discusses ways you can possibly prevent infections in the first place.
  • Plantar fasciitis
    Daniel Latt, MD, PhD, discusses this painful and common ailment in your feet. He discusses how to treat plantar fasciitis and prevent it from occurring in the first place.
  • Alzheimer's diagnosis and disclosure guidelines
    Alireza Atri, MD, PhD, Banner Alzheimer’s Institute/Banner Sun Health Research Institute director speaks about new guidelines for Alzheimer's diagnosis
  • How loneliness affects us
    Michael Weinberg, PhD, senior manager of behavioral health at Banner Thunderbird, talks about loneliness and mental illness and how social media can impact both conditions.
  • Banner Urgent Care & flu vaccine B-Roll
    This video includes b-roll of flu vaccines available for the 2019-2020 season, as well as b-roll of Banner Urgent Care exteriors and patient rooms.
  • Contraception myths
    Holly Bullock, MD, an OB/Gyn with Banner Health, discusses five things that you may be getting wrong when it comes to practicing effective birth control.
  • Sleep
    Sairam Parthasarathy, MD, medical director of the Center for Sleep Disorders at Banner - University Medical Center, Tucson, explains how to sleep better.
  • Surgery-recovery tips
    Surgeon Adriana Aredeljan, DO, gives advice on how to prepare yourself or your loved ones for a faster, more pain-free recovery from any type of surgery.
  • Tele ICU
    Michael Simons, MD, medical director of Telehealth, explains how Banner uses advanced technology to reduce mortality and lengths of stay for all of our intensive-care patients.
  • How dangerous is Valley Fever?
    John Galgiani, MD, director of Valley Fever Center,Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix answers questions concerning this curious and potentially fatal disease
  • Halloween at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center
    Members of the Glendale Police SWAT Team rappelled down the side of Banner Thunderbird on Halloween, greeting kids on their way down. They also went room to room with candy and stuffed animals.
  • Banner Health hosts trunk or treat
    Care teams at Banner Health's hospitals in Fort Collins and Greeley, CO, transformed their vehicles into fun zones for patients and visitors to enjoy at the annual Trunk or Treat festival.
  • Comiendo para el corazón
    Cindy Penaranda, RD, una dietista registrada, habla sobre la alimentación saludable para el corazón, dónde comenzar, qué alimentos son mejores y quién debe comer teniendo en cuenta la salud.
  • Consejo sobre la gripe
    Carlos Ventura, MD, especialista en medicina interna y geriatría, habla sobre cómo cuidarse durante la temporada de gripe. Ofrece consejos fáciles de entender.
  • Calor
    Carlos Venutra, Medicina Interna, Banner Health Center Verrado, habla sobre cómo su cuerpo se ve afectado por el calor. Una pista: Es algo bueno cuando sudas.
  • Cervical disc implant
    A recently approved surgical implant provides patients with herniated discs in their necks the chance to live lives with less pain and greater natural motion.
  • Drone footage of Banner facilities 2018
    Ready-to-edit footage of several of our Phoenix-area Banner hospitals shot from unmanned aerial drone aircraft. High definition video from unique vantage points.
  • Banner Desert ICU nurses' baby shower B-Roll
    What to get 16 women who are having babies at about the same time? Lots of stuff! B-roll from Aug. 24 baby shower at Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, AZ.
  • Sixteen pregnant Banner Desert nurses
    Is it something in the water? Banner Desert in Mesa is experiencing a baby boom as 16 of our ICU nurses are pregnant at the same time. Footage as they work.
  • Pregnant Nurses Press Conference
    Banner Desert nurses talk about the hospital’s recent baby bonanza. Sixteen of the facility’s ICU nurses are pregnant and delivering at roughly the same time.
  • Nubby, the two-legged therapy dog
    Nubby, a spunky Chihuahua, brings inspiration to patients at Banner Baywood Medical Center, Mesa, Arizona. Dogs have been shown to help reduce patients' stress and anxiety.
  • Dottie Kissinger Bereavement Camp B-roll 2018
    Families who have lost loved ones can come to this Payson area camp to begin the healing process. Guided by counselors, they engage in fun and meaningful camp activities
  • Tele ICU B-Roll
    Ready-to-edit footage of Banner's TeleICU Center in Mesa, Arizona. Shows how long-distance monitoring of intensive-care patients is done. Physician interview also available.
  • MedLink B-roll
    More than 100 emergency calls come in everyday to our Phoenix center that provides expert diagnosis and care for airborne passengers. Physician interview also available
  • John Waddell Press Conference - part 1
    Miner describes harrowing experience of being trapped in mine shaft for two days. Oct. 28 press conference at Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix
  • Colorectal cancer
    Michael Choti, MD, division chief of surgery at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, discusses the growing rates of colorectal cancer in younger people.
  • Maintain, Don't Gain B-Roll
    Nutrition experts from Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center show ways to lighten the calorie load of your holiday dishes and make them friendly to cancer patient diets.
  • Girl Scouts learn about IT security
  • Monsoons and the Emergency department
    Zach Bair, DO, of Banner Desert Emergency department, talks about accidents, breathing problems, heat stroke that happen when monsoons hit the metro Phoenix area.
  • Life jackets
    Tracey Fejt, RN, Trauma injury prevention coordinator at Banner Children's, discusses the importance of wearing life jackets at all times when you are on the water.
  • Lake safety
    Tracey Fejt, RN, Trauma injury prevention coordinator, discusses potential dangers from a day at the lake: drowning, accidents, dehydration, sunburn, heat exhaustion.
  • Grilling safety
    Melissa Luxton, RN, Injury Prevention coordinator, gives pointers on how to be safe during grilling season, whether you are using a natural gas, propane or charcoal grill.
  • Pet Therapy Dog Daisy
    Daisy is a pet therapy dog who “says her prayers” during visits to patients at Banner Desert Medical Center every Tuesday through the hospital’s Volunteer Services.
  • Colorectal Cancer Treatment
    Michael Choti, MD, division chief of surgery at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, discusses effective, safe treatments for colon and rectal cancer.
  • Lung cancer detected earlier
    Archan Shah, MD, a Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center interventional pulmonologist at Banner Boswell, discusses technology that finds cancer faster.
  • PARTNER 3 Clinical Trial Results
    Ashish Pershad, MD and Kenith Fang, MD, of Banner University Medicine Heart Institute discuss PARTNER 3 clinical trial, a study looked at patients with aortic stenosis and the best treatment.
  • Safety Town
    In a highly interactive and engaging program, Banner Health travels to elementary schools to show kids how they can be safe in all kinds of situations.
  • Safety Town (part 2)
    In a highly interactive and engaging program, Banner Health goes into elementary schools to show kids how they can be safe in all kinds of situations.