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  • Drone footage of Banner facilities 2018
    Ready-to-edit footage of several of our Phoenix-area Banner hospitals shot from a airborne drone camera. High quality video from unique vantagepoints.
  • Banner Desert ICU nurses' baby shower B-Roll
    What to get 16 women who are having babies at about the same time? Lots of stuff! B-roll from Aug. 24 baby shower at Banner Desert Medical Center.
  • Sixteen pregnant Banner Desert nurses
    Is it something in the water? Banner Desert in Mesa is experiencing a baby boom as 16 of our ICU nurses are pregnant at the same time. Footage as they work.
  • Pregnant Nurses Press Conference
    Banner Desert nurses talk about the hospital’s recent baby bonanza. Sixteen of the facility’s ICU nurses are pregnant and delivering at roughly the same time.
  • Nubby, the two-legged therapy dog
    Nubby, a spunky Chihuahua, brings inspiration to patients at Banner Baywood Medical Center, Mesa, Arizona. Dogs have been shown to help reduce patients' stress and anxiety.
  • Dottie Kissinger Bereavement Camp B-roll 2018
    Families who have lost loved ones can come to this Payson area camp to begin the healing process. Guided by counselors, they engage in fun and meaningful camp activities
  • Tele ICU B-Roll
    Ready-to-edit footage of Banner's TeleICU Center in Mesa, Arizona. Shows how long-distance monitoring of intensive-care patients is done. Physician interview also available.
  • MedLink B-roll
    More than 100 emergency calls come in everyday to our Phoenix center that provides expert diagnosis and care for airborne passengers. Physician interview also available
  • Flu B-Roll
    In time for 2018-19 flu season. Footage showing patient getting this year's flu shot and provider preparing flu shot to be administered. Clinical background
  • Safety Town
    In a highly interactive and engaging program, Banner Health travels to elementary schools to show kids how they can be safe.
  • Safety Town (part 2)
    In a highly interactive and engaging program, Banner Health goes into elementary schools to show kids how they can be safe.
  • Spiderman Mask B-roll
    Cardon Children's Medical Center radiation therapist Morgan Fineman helps 13-year-old Parker become Spider-Man with a hand-painted mask for his radiation treatment.