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  • Flu B-Roll
    In time for 2018-19 flu season. Footage showing patient getting this year's flu shot and provider preparing flu shot to be administered. Clinical background
  • Banner Desert ICU nurses' baby shower B-Roll
    What to get 16 women who are having babies at about the same time? Lots of stuff! B-roll from Aug. 24 baby shower at Banner Desert Medical Center.
  • Sixteen pregnant Banner Desert nurses
    Is it something in the water? Banner Desert in Mesa is experiencing a baby boom as 16 of our ICU nurses are pregnant at the same time. Footage as they work.
  • Pregnant Nurses Press Conference
    Banner Desert nurses talk about the hospital’s recent baby bonanza. Sixteen of the facility’s ICU nurses are pregnant and delivering at roughly the same time.
  • Tele ICU B-Roll
    Ready-to-edit footage of Banner's TeleICU Center in Mesa, Arizona. Shows how long-distance monitoring of intensive-care patients is done. Physician interview also available.
  • John Waddell B-roll
    Miner describes his harrowing experience being stuck in mine shaft for two days. Oct. 28, 2018 press conference at Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix.
  • Spiderman Mask B-roll
    Cardon Children's Medical Center radiation therapist Morgan Fineman helps 13-year-old Parker become Spider-Man with a hand-painted mask for his radiation treatment.