Hi, I’m Corey Schubert and I am here with Dr. Terence Roberts. He is a radiation oncologist with Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center here in Gilbert

Dr. Roberts, what is glioblastoma and is it common?

Glioblastoma is the most common primary brain cancer in adults and it tends to occur in older adults.

Ok, when you say older adults, what basic age ranges would you say?

Glioma can occur anywhere from 45 to 75; glioblastoma can occur normally with older people 65, 75

Ok, how does this brain tumor grow and how does it work? Does it grow quickly?

Glioblastomas tend to be very aggressive tumors and they tend to grow very fast.

Ok, what causes glioblastoma?

No one really know what causes them. Most cancers are caused by genetic factors and in fact, there are molecular genetic studies which basically tell us know glioblastomas will respond to treatment.

Ok, this is a grade-four glioblastoma. What does that mean?

Well, brain tumors are graded between grade one and grade four. Grade four are the most aggressive brain tumors which means they tend to grow the fastest. Glioblastomas, in general, tend to grow in the brain and tend to infiltrate into the surrounding tissues.

Ok, how is this treated?

It is treated with a combination of treatments. First, you try to remove as much of the tumor as surgically as possible. There is an attempt by the surgeons to remove as much as they can see followed by a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy

Ok and finally, can you talk about some of the symptoms someone would exhibit if they had this?

The symptom can vary but in general, they have headaches. They can have nausea, vomiting and it is caused by the swelling of the brain. They can also experience seizures as well as vocal, motor, sensory weakness, meaning weakness in one arm or leg or numbness and tingling in one part of the body.

Well, thanks a lot for taking the time today to talk to us. We appreciate it.

You are very welcome