Banner Children's offers coloring activity for kids' water safety
Keep safe around water despite the distractions
A free coloring page is available to download, along with useful info to help parents teach their children about safety around water.

PHOENIX (May 4, 2020) -- With more children at home and outdoor temperatures rising, Banner Children’s is encouraging families to remember the ABCs of water safety by creating a fun coloring activity for kids and providing information about drowning prevention.

A free coloring page is available to download, along with useful info to help parents teach their children about safety around water. Once kids finish coloring, parents are encouraged to take a picture and post to their Instagram story, tagging @Banner_Health for a chance to be featured on Banner Health’s social media accounts.

“So many parents are juggling triple duties during this pandemic – being mom and dad, working at home and being teachers,” said nurse Tracey Fejt, RN, trauma injury prevention coordinator at Cardon Children's Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona.  “Being pulled in so many directions can make it easy to lose safety focus beyond COVID-19. It’s important to remember pools and other bodies of water can pose severe dangers.”

Fejt emphasizes these safety tips:

  • Know the ABCs of water safety: Adult supervision, Barriers between children and water; Classes in CPR for adults and swim lessons for kids; and safety Devices near water, such as lifejackets, hooks and rescue rings.
  • If a child or adult is missing, always look in the pool or spa first. Time is precious when a person is drowning.
  • Floaties: You may think they’re safe, but these “water-wings’’ can pose danger to children. Know what to look for in selecting and using them.
  • Drowning is silent, not involving splashing or screaming.
  • If your child falls into the water, call 911 and administer CPR are critical to keeping your child alive.
  • Any water source can be a potential problem, including lakes, pools (even kiddie pools), spas, bathtubs, wading pools and even buckets of water.

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