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Team members are based in Arizona and Northern Colorado and support all Banner Health operations in the six states where we provide care. Please email us and on nights, weekends and holidays, please call (602) 747-3080.

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COVID-19 Journalist Resources



Press Releases

COVID-19 Update Press Conference (12/02/2020)

COVID-19 Update Press Conference (11/24/2020)

Banner Health joins Mayo Clinic, Dignity Health and others to spread "Mask Up" message (11/20/2020)

Banner Health reinstates no visitor policy at all Arizona locations (11/20/2020)

Banner Health COVID-19 update in Colorado (11/18/2020)

Banner Health recommends alternatives to in-person gatherings this Thanksgiving (11/16/2020)

Banner Health enhances visitor restrictions in Northern Colorado (11/13/2020)

Banner Health COVID-19 update in Arizona (11/10/2020)

Banner Health shares travel safety tips for those planning to travel over the holidays (11/03/2020)

Banner Health COVID-19 update in Arizona (10/27/2020)

Patient companions allowed at Banner ambulatory facilities (10/01/2020)

Banner Health opposes lifting mask mandates (09/23/2020)

Banner Health eases visitor restrictions to allow for one visitor per patient per day in most in-patient areas of Arizona hospitals (09/15/2020)

Two West Valley Banner hospitals each discharge 1,000th COVID-19 patient (09/14/2020)

New research shows COVID-19 link to heart damage (09/10/2020)

Stay safe during COVID-19 pandemic: Get your flu shot now (09/08/2020)

Cox Business provides generous donation of personal protective equipment to Banner Health (08/05/2020) 

Warning: Homemade liquor and hand sanitizers can be dangerous (06/29/2020)

Banner Health Provides COVID-19 Update (06/25/2020)

Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix’s ECMO program reaches 10-year milestone (06/22/2020)

Northern Colorado nurses join Phoenix frontline workers (06/16/2020)

All of Us Research Program launches COVID-19 research initiatives (06/16/2020)

Pediatric experts warn against delaying well-child visits (06/09/2020)

Top Banner leader discusses Banner Health COVID-19 data during press conference (06/05/2020)

Banner Health launches telehealth in all hospital COVID-19 units (06/03/2020)

Banner Health takes steps to ensure patient safety (05/28/2020)

Banner Health partners with Premier Inc. and Prestige Ameritech to expand domestic PPE production (05/26/2020)

Mental health awareness resources available for Arizona residents during COVID-19 (05/21/2020)

Banner Health experts: Staying safe as COVID-19 restrictions ease (05/19/2020)

Banner Health launches virtual waiting rooms for telehealth and in-person doctor appointments (05/14/2020)

Banner Desert and Cardon Children's health care workers honored with building illumination (05/13/2020)

Banner Health salutes med staff for ‘giving us hope’ (05/08/2020)

New app gives moms-to-be flexibility in receiving care (05/05/2020)

Banner Children's offers coloring activity for kids' water safety (05/04/2020)

Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Awards $750,000 to Support Banner Health During COVID-19 (05/01/2020)

Banner Health expands COVID-19 testing in Arizona and Colorado (04/27/2020)

Banner Health urges former COVID-19 patients to donate plasma for current patients (04/24/2020)

Banner Imaging - non-respiratory locations now available for medical imaging services (04/23/2020)

Former Banner employees return as front line staff (04/22/2020)

Banner Health expands telehealth for COVID-19 (04/21/2020)

Banner Health amplía sus servicios de “telehealth” para COVID-19 (04/21/2020)

Banner hospitals open grocery stores for employees (04/20/2020)

Arizona poison centers warn of an increase in poisoning cases during COVID-19 pandemic (04/17/2020)

Banner Urgent Care – non-respiratory locations now seeing patients (04/17/2020)

Banner Children’s invites kids to join 'Clean Hands Club' (04/15/2020)

Blood donations encouraged as pandemic impacts supply (04/15/2020)

Brush, Colo., woman gives Banner Health reason to celebrate (04/14/2020)

Banner Health urges water safety for kids in times of self-isolation (04/13/2020)

Respiratory therapists deploy from Arizona to Colorado to treat COVID-19 patients (04/12/2020)

Banner activates triage tents at acute care hospital emergency rooms to manage influx of patients (04/02/2020)

Banner Health implements PPE policy changes regarding N95 use (04/02/2020)

Greeley brewers, distilleries now make hand sanitizer (04/01/2020)

Banner Health accepting donations of medical supplies, PPE (03/30/2020)

Arizona nurses head north to combat COVID-19 (03/29/2020)

Heroes bring meals to seniors during volunteer shortage (03/27/2020)

Banner Health employees make masks for frontline staff (03/25/2020)

Banner, Vitalant partner to encourage blood donations (03/24/2020)

Banner Health offers ways to help health care workers (03/24/2020)

Banner Health experts warn against self-medicating to prevent or treat COVID-19 (03/23/2020)

Banner Health opens COVID-19 specimen collection sites (03/23/2020)

Banner Health enhances visitor restrictions (03/20/2020)

Banner Health will not provide COVID-19 'back-to-work' clearances (03/18/2020)

Banner Health implementing new visitor restrictions (03/18/2020)

Banner Health to hold virtual hiring event (03/17/2020)

Banner Health’s chief clinical officer available to speak with media about COVID-19 (03/16/2020)



Blog Posts

5 Ways to Celebrate Safely with Higher-Risk Loved Ones this Holiday Season (12/04/2020)

5 Safe Ways to Share Gratitude, Not COVID, This Thanksgiving (11/02/2020)

Is Holiday Travel Safe This Year? (10/28/2020)

Could Your Young Athlete Need a Heart Screening after COVID-19? (10/08/2020)

7 Ways to Have a Happy (and Safe) Halloween During COVID-19 (10/01/2020)

How Is Flu Season Different During the COVID-19 Pandemic? (09/16/2020)

Pandemic Fatigue: How to Manage COVID-19 Burnout (09/13/2020)

Kids and Flu Shots: Why They Won’t Cause COVID-19… and Other Myths Debunked (09/09/2020)

COVID-19 and the Flu: Know the Symptoms (09/02/2020)

Will We Have PTSD as a Result of COVID-19? (08/18/2020)

COVID-19: How to Keep Good Habits and Kick Bad Ones to the Curb (08/03/2020)

Preparing Your Child for a COVID-19 Test (07/28/2020)

COVID-19: How to Help Your Child Navigate This New Normal (07/22/2020)

5 Ways to Manage Anxiety in the Midst of COVID-19 (07/15/2020)

Navigating Postpartum Depression During COVID-19 (07/09/2020)

Has COVID-19 Created Conflict in Your Relationship? (07/08/2020)

Mask Up: Wear This, Not That to Protect Others (07/01/2020)

What Long-Term Effects Could COVID-19 Have on Your Lungs? (06/22/2020)

Social Gatherings and Staying Safe from COVID-19: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself (06/08/2020)

Should You Venture In? 4 Coronavirus Safety Questions to Consider (06/05/2020)

COVID-19 Safety: 5 Questions to Ask Before Heading Outdoors (06/04/2020)

Resisting the Urge to Stress Eat During COVID-19 (05/26/2020)

Don’t Let COVID-19 Halt a Well-Child Visit (05/18/2020)

Take Charge of Your Health (05/15/2020)

Are Virtual Visits the Present and Future of Healthcare? (05/13/2020)

Staying Safe as COVID-19 Restrictions Ease (05/11/2020)

Fevers at Every Age (05/08/2020)

Is a Pandemic the Right Time to be Overproductive? (05/06/2020)

7 Health Insurance Questions, Answered (05/01/2020)

Exercising Outside During COVID-19 (04/30/2020)

Don’t Be Afraid to Order Takeout or Delivery (04/28/2020)

What to Know About the COVID-19 Antibody Test (04/27/2020)

Caring for Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease Amid the COVID-19 Crisis (04/24/2020)

What to Know About Valley Fever During the COVID-19 Pandemic (04/22/2020)

Keeping Parents and Grandparents Safe While Social Distancing (04/20/2020)

Face Coverings: Prevent the spread of COVID-19 (04/17/2020)

An Attitude of Gratitude: How to Promote a Positive Outlook (04/09/2020)

The Impact of the Census on Your Health (04/08/2020)

Navigating Grief After a Sudden Death (04/07/2020)

DIY Disinfectants: Are They Safe and Effective? (04/06/2020)

Coronavirus: Managing Your Mental Health (04/03/2020)

Banner Redeploys Corporate Employees To Help Frontline Colleagues (04/02/2020)

Self Isolation vs. Social Distancing: What’s the Difference? (04/01/2020)

Social Distancing for Teens: Helping Your Kids to Stay Connected (03/31/2020)

How to Stay Connected with Your Loved Ones While Social Distancing (03/30/2020)

Pregnancy and Coronavirus: What You Need to Know (03/27/2020)

Exercising at Home: Simple Ways to Stay Active (03/26/2020)

Myths & Facts: How Coronavirus Is Transmitted (03/25/2020)

How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus (03/24/2020)

How You Can Boost Your Immune System (03/23/2020)

Working from Home: Tips for Staying Productive (03/20/2020)

What Is Social Distancing and How Do I Do It? (03/19/2020)

Managing Anxiety in Uncertain Times: Tips for Individuals and Families (03/18/2020)

Your Coronavirus Shopping List: What to Buy and What to Skip (03/17/2020)

Handwashing: One Of The Most Important Things You Can Do (05/04/2018)



Press Conferences, Interviews & Media Kits

COVID-19 Update Press Conference (12/02/2020)

COVID-19 Update Press Conference (11/24/2020)

New research shows COVID-19 link to heart damage (09/10/2020)

Banner Health Provides COVID-19 Update (06/25/2020)

ECMO program reaches 10-year milestone (06/22/2020)

Banner Health takes steps to ensure patient safety (05/28/2020)

Interview and b-roll of isolation gown production (04/15/2020)

Interview and b-roll of procedure mask donations (04/10/2020)

Interviews and b-roll of 3D printed face shields (04/02/2020)

Banner Health's chief clinical officer speaks about COVID-19 (03/16/2020)




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(Courtesy: Banner Health)



Banner Health Symptom Checker

  • The Banner Health symptom checker can help patients determine what treatment their symptoms warrant.



Patient Resources

  • Latest updates for patients regarding COVID-19
  • Symptoms, personal hygiene measures
  • How to get tested
  • What to do when arriving at a Banner Health facility
  • Visitor restrictions



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Crafts national best practices for health care professionals
  • Provides resources for individual protection
  • Tracks epidemiology on a national level



Arizona Department of Health Services

  • Provides information on confirmed cases of COVID-19 across Arizona
  • Tracks epidemiology of the novel coronavirus, including community spread
  • Works with state leadership to determine community actions



Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

  • Provides information on confirmed cases of COVID-19 across Colorado
  • Tracks epidemiology of the novel coronavirus, including community spread
  • Works with state leadership to determine community actions


For more information or to submit a media inquiry, please email

Media Visits to Campus

Media members who wish to interview someone or take photographs of employees, patients, family members or facilities, must make the request through Banner Health Public Relations staff. To protect the privacy of our patients, their families and our employees, we require that members of the media be escorted by a Public Relations representative or an authorized representative while on campus.

If you would like to conduct live shots from one of our facilities, Public Relations staff can direct you to locations designated for that purpose.


Release of Patient Information

Privacy regulations issued by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) strictly govern the use and release of a patient's personal health information. As a member of the media, here's what you should know:

You must have the patient's first and last name before we can release their condition. Without a name, condition reports can't be released.

If you have the patient's first and last name, the only information that can be released to a member of the media is a one-word condition report – unless the hospital media relations representative receives consent from the patient or, if the patient is under 18 years of age, the patient's parent or guardian.

Special privacy rights are applied to behavioral health patients.

Patients have the right to request that no information is released about their condition and treatment. In the case of a minors, the parent or guardian has the authority to make that decision.

Here are the one-word patient conditions, drawn from the American Hospital Association, we can release:

  • Undetermined: Patient awaiting physician assessment.
  • Good: Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious and comfortable; indicators are excellent.
  • Fair: Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious but may be uncomfortable; indicators are favorable.
  • Serious: Vital signs may be unstable and not within normal limits. Patient is acutely ill; indicators are questionable.
  • Critical: Vital signs are unstable and not within normal limits. Patient may not be conscious; indicators are unfavorable.
  • Treated and released: Received treatment but not admitted.
  • Deceased: once family has been appropriately notified.
Spanish-language media

Banner Health se complace trabajar con los medios de comunicación de habla hispana para proporcionarles los recursos que necesiten para reportar con precisión la información sobre los servicios de salud a nuestras comunidades.

Tenemos ahora disponibles en nuestro sitio, comunicados de prensa y videos en español. Por favor vaya a la sección de tendencias actuales (trending-now) o a la sección de videos y use el menú desplegable para tener acceso a los materiales en español.

Disponemos de expertos médicos que hablan español, así como intérpretes designados para asegurar una comunicación sin contratiempos. Por favor comuníquese con nosotros para obtener más información.

Banner Health is pleased to work with Spanish-language media to help provide you with the resources you need to accurately report health care information to our shared communities.

We now have Spanish-language news releases and videos on our site. Please go the trending-now section or video section and use the drop-down menu to access materials in Spanish.

We have access to medical experts who speak Spanish as well as designated interpreters to ensure seamless communication. Please contact us to learn more.